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Getmessage sample
Getmessage sample

Getmessage sample

Download Getmessage sample

Download Getmessage sample

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The message to retrieve. The geoprocessing tool message. (index) Returns a geoprocessing tool message by its index position. GetMessage example ReturnsBlocking, in this case, would mean that GetMessage will wait for a valid //GetMessage loop example. while (GetMessage (&uMsg, NULL, 0,

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A GET message example. As we have seen, Web clients send GET messages to retrieve a pages from a Web server. This example shows what is actually Mar 13, 2011 - According to the GetMessage API from MSDN Library, it might returns -1 My question is, in every sample code, including default application Unlike GetMessage, the PeekMessage function does not wait for a message to For example, the function fails if hWnd is an invalid window handle or lpMsg is?PeekMessage -?MSG -?WM_QUITUsing Messages and Message Queues (Windows) - MSDN following code examples demonstrate how to perform the following tasks You create a message loop by using the GetMessage and DispatchMessage

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After i call GetMessage i'm trying to identify message from message field of the MSG structure. I found I can capture WM_PAINT for example. The GetMessage API. For example, the function fails if hWnd is an invalid window handle. Remarks. An application typically uses the return value to determine Java.lang.Throwable.getMessage() Method Example - All the classes, interfaces, enumrations and exceptions have been explained with examples for beginners Jun 2, 2012 - I have an application which second thread calls GetMessage() in a loop. At some point the first timerId) to cancel it. UPDATE Sample code:

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